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Would you like to do more in your retirement but are unable to? Why not release some or all of the money tied up in your home with the guarantee that it remains legally yours to live in for life. Equity release allows a homeowner to release some or all of the money tied up in their property whilst still remaining there rent-free for as long as they wish. Established for over 10 years Equity Release Trustees specialise in both equity release and also the administration of shared equity loan agreements. 

We are regulated by the FCA and covered by the financial ombudsman service.

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There are many people up and down the country who own a house worth a substantial amount of money although they are not able to do what they would like to during their retirement and in some cases people do not even have enough money to carry out essential repairs to their home. You may have heard of the term “asset rich – cash poor”?

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Who We Are

Equity Release Trustees Ltd is a family organisation – we are not a big conglomerate. We specialise in purchasing properties through our equity release home reversion plan. Our family currently own interests in many properties as far afield as Newquay up to Nuneaton. We offer a personal service and pride ourselves on our simple and straightforward approach. Our plan is available to persons 70 years and over and we offer a full information pack. Please note that we do not offer advice. If you require independent advice then you must speak to your solicitor or other financial advisors. Our director has been active in equity release management for over 15 years and has built up an excellent reputation in the industry. You can view some of the testimonials here.

Why Choose Us

What we offer is straightforward and simple, we simply purchase your property (or a percentage of it) and you can remain there for the rest of your life/lives rent-free. There are no restrictions on how you spend the money – it is yours to do with as you wish. The money that we pay to you is not a loan and therefore no interest is payable at any time. You will find us very helpful and easy to deal with.

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