Key Benefits and Warnings

Key Benefits

  • We are a family run organisation with 25 years experience.
  • We offer a simple and straightforward approach through our home reversion arrangement.
  • You can sell all or part of your property from 25%.
  • No fees or commissions payable to us at any time.
  • No valuation fee payable at any time.
  • Friendly helpful staff – personal approach.
  • Available to persons 70 years and over.
  • If you proceed to complete an arrangement with us, we will pay your solicitor’s costs.
  • Buildings insurance premiums paid for life (on the part which we own).

Important things to consider

If you wish or need to vacate your property in the future without purchasing another property, for example, if you need to move into rented accommodation or long term care, then our agreement will provide that, after a period of a year the property will be sold and you will receive the proceeds attributable to the percentage of the property which you hold with us receiving the balance. You may however, at any time, decide to sell your property and end the home reversion arrangement by simply paying us back the percentage of the market value equal to the percentage which we own.

Under a home reversion plan you will cease to own that part of the property sold to the Equity Release Trustees Ltd, so you will neither benefit from any increase in the value of the part of the property that you no longer own nor will you be able to leave this part to your beneficiaries on your death.

Please ask us for a personalised illustration in order to understand the full benefits and warnings of entering into an equity release home reversion arrangement.

If you are currently receiving benefits or tax concessions or are likely to in the future you should seek further information from HM Revenue and Customs, the Benefits Agency, or any other source of advice such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau before entering into an arrangement with us.

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